Maintenance projects

How to remove the inner-wall of hard dirt

Washing machine in use for some time, dirt on the wall, these stains will let more washing our clothes dirty, but the dirt is stubborn, and not directly with a brush brush. What can we do to the stubborn stains on the inner wall washing machine to clear it?
How to get rid of stains inside the washing machine:
there are many decontamination detergent the washing machine, user will need to choose the right brand. Meanwhile, the proposed purchase of a bottle of disinfectant, mixed with detergent cleaning with washing machine.
washer decontamination detergent according to instructions on the first deployment, plus a bottle disinfection, mix a detergent.
washing machine drain in an empty bucket, careful not to be too high, preventing washing machine drain.
will inject some water washing machine (note that idling laundry facilities of washing machine service life is not good, so it's best to add a certain amount of water. ) By adding water about 2 liters.
Open washing machine, imported water, add the detergent injection detergent boxes, set the longest wash cycle. Time determined in accordance with the washing machine stains. Open the washing machine, wait after descaling fluid from the drain into a bucket, then add the descaling liquid discharged from the detergent box adding, so repeatedly until the program has finished running, open the filter clean the filter.
clean with water can be cleaned with a rag to scrub inside the fuselage, then let the washing machine run automatically wash the washing machine again with clean water.