Maintenance projects

LCD TV how to maintain

First, the need to pay attention to avoid television, working long hours in a row. We don't watch TV when best to turn off the monitor, or reduce the display brightness, or long, can easily lead to burn out or aging. In addition, a fixed image is displayed for a long time, may cause some LCD pixels to overheat, and cause internal burning. When there happened to be a thing to go away, some friends used to press the "pause" button "play", which screens the damage is very serious, and resulting in a waste of resources, so we must pay attention to this point.
Second, is keep the TV dry. Now TV technology content is high, humid environments can also work, but can only be described as "business as usual", and cannot be said to be "normal".  Tidal TV, after all, the damage is great. So, even if you do not watch TV for a long time the best power on power on a regular basis, monitor heat generated while working inside the moisture expelled.
third, be sure to properly clean the LCD TV screen. If your screen is dirty, it is best to use professional cleaning agents. Of course, wipe gently with a soft cloth moistened with a little water is also acceptable, but don't water too much water go to the screen LCD can cause a short circuit. If fog found on LCD, should promptly with a soft cloth to gently wipe it before you can turn on the power. If moisture has entered the LCD, you have to put it to a warm, dry place, so that the water evaporates.
IV, in the daily use of the screen to avoid impact. The reason is very simple, but it is also very important. LCD screen is very fragile, to avoid strong shocks and vibrations, especially reminded the special attention to families with children at home, don't allow children to touch the LCD TV, or dangerous for the children, not safe for LCD TV.
Finally, if your TV problem, please don't remove the LCD, even in the case of no power. Closed for a long time, TV background CFL inverter on a lighting component is still possible with approximately 1000 kV high voltage. In addition, even though it is not electric, errors might also cause display temporarily or permanently unable to work. If your TV problem, be sure to go to manufacturer normal maintenance repair, or encounter the black repair shop, then your LCD can be dangerous.