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Air conditioning in offices how to prevent disease

Summer air conditioning in offices normally open at once, as is generally shared by the Office and sometimes can't control the air conditioning temperature. But we all know that if it is not correct to use air conditioning, very prone to trouble in the hot summer air conditioning, meaning that some friends in the air conditioning room for too long has been coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, joint pain and other symptoms.
pay attention to temperature control. If Office is not a central air conditioner, each air-conditioned room temperature varies between, if frequent these rooms, because of temperature problems are very easy to catch a cold, so, pay attention to control the room temperature there is not too much difference between.
Note that the circulation of air. Many users thought the air conditioning had to be tightly sealed room, but in the air-conditioned room will open a small window to enhance air flow helps indoor human discharges of carbon dioxide.
recommendations to Office air conditioning controls around 26-28 degrees (in addition to a special room outside), because General Office sit almost all day, the temperature does not need to be adjusted too low. There is best practice not to exceed 7 degrees Celsius temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.
has just returned to the Office after turning on the air conditioning stands the best people under air conditioning hair dryer, Office seating position at best, do not use the air conditioning blowing. Recommended daily can stand to thin long sleeves in the Office, in case of low temperature incommensurate.
a long time sitting in the air-conditioned room per 2 hour walk around it.