Maintenance projects

Water heaters don't forget for magnesium rods

Water heaters don't forget magnesium Rod if you purchased the enamel inner tank water heaters, then you should pay attention to, stick to replace. Enamel within bile is in General plate Shang coated burn Shang a layer inorganic quality pottery glaze and made of, not rust, and cost is stainless steel within bile of 1/4 to 1/6, but enamel within bile processing process requirements high, if process level enough, production process in the easy produced bubble or needle, while enamel brittle larger, transport installation process in the of vibration, and collision easy produced scales burst phenomenon. In addition, the enamel will gradually dissolve in hot water Peel, technically referred to as "water weight loss". These factors will have a common plate exposure under the enamel coating, ordinary steel contains carbon, sulfur and other impurities are more susceptible to corrosion leakage. Then stick in the tank have any effect? Magnesium rod in the water heater is used as a sacrificial anode. Because of the high activity of magnesium metal than iron, in the case of magnesium rod with common plate exposed, magnesium Rod first instead of the plate away, to protect the inner purpose. How long to replace a magnesium rod? According to different water quality, enamel inner tank water heaters in the magnesium Rod 1 to be replaced in two years. Once the magnesium Rod out of your water heater cannot be used again soon. Replacement of magnesium rod you have to watch. Replace magnesium rods are free during the warranty period, but more than the warranty period, you will have to pay a materials fee, magnesium rods normally cost 40 Yuan to 150 Yuan, 10 years about 900 Yuan, is not a small expense.