Maintenance projects

Air conditioner inside the shell, and filters

1) maintenance of air conditioner casing. Air conditioner enclosure Panel for easy isolation accumulates dust, wipe clean with a soft skin on a regular basis according to the circumstances, may also be used does not exceed 50 degrees of neutral liquid soap scrub, but prohibited the use of essential oil chemical products, petrol and acid wash.
(2) inside the air conditioner maintenance. Air conditioner runs for a long time, and between the heat sink and the heat exchanger surface area covered with dust, and this cooling effect is greatly reduced, directly affect the cooling (heating) performance, so regular cleaning is required. When clearing the indoor heat exchanger should first remove the Panel, using a soft brush along the fins vertical brush carefully. But because of the heat sink is very thin aluminum material, after forces deform easily, so the cleanup along the fins vertical caution when brushing.
(3) air filter maintenance. Air filter used for a period of time, builds up a lot of dust filter the Internet, affecting indoor air circulation, therefore, needs to be cleaned once every other month. By opening a small door on the left side of the Panel and pull out the filter, with soft cloth light apart from dirt or not exceeding 50 ° c warm water using a soft brush to clean, dry after insert in place.
(4) shut off season maintenance. Select a dry sunny days, air conditioners function keys in the "air". Running 3-4 hour, moisture distribution within the air conditioner and turn off the air conditioner and unplug the power plug.
with a soft, dry cloth to clean the air conditioner casing dirt, scrub with warm water, never use hot water or flammable chemicals such as oil scrub.
cleaning air filter remove the air conditioner, rinse with water or vacuum cleaner filters, dry after remount the air conditioner.
remove the remote control battery to reset a to avoid battery leakage liquid corrosion of internal components. Remote control must be in a dry place, DO NOT CRUSH.
clean outdoor machines rinse available outdoor condenser surface after drying hood cover, not into the water in other areas.