Maintenance projects

Buy the LCD should pay attention to the "point"

LCD computer popularization is the general trend. Merchants display on LCD displays often use a variety of gorgeous pictures, not only looks nice, and do not see the point defect on the LCD. Point defects can be divided into three, the LCD common "defects" can be divided into bad point, highlight and shadow points in three.
bad points, is in the white case, solid black or a plain white in a black screen; highlights, is rendered in a black screen the r, g, b (red, green, blue) named highlights; dark spot, is appears in a white screen not only r, g, b color called dark points. Point defect affects people browsing in the LCD display, and these point defects are repaired, if you will "with life".
in fact, check if the LCD is a little flawed method is very simple, only through the desktop background check can be. Are the most common methods, right-mouse click on your desktop, select "Properties" in the window that opens, select "appearance" and "color" column, select "black" or "white", and then click "apply".
it is understood that at present generally bad point 3 the following are acceptable. If returned home to find two or three bad points and then find businesses change, merchants may at prevailing industry standards to refuse replacement. Therefore, consumers must pay attention, better selection before payment haunt the flaw of the LCD monitor. Desktop background checks for bad
desktop black, white or red, green, and blue background should look like on the LCD color or glow bright spots, such as the LCD point defect problems. Consumer best before payment, change highlights a total absence or of point defects in liquid crystal displays.