About Us

home appliance repair center in Wuxi, Wuxi's first household appliance repairing service centre, since its establishment in 1995 has been well received by customers. Wuxi as home appliances maintenance, and Wuxi appliances maintenance, and Wuxi electrical maintenance, and Wuxi appliances door maintenance, and Wuxi appliances maintenance phone, and Wuxi air conditioning maintenance, and Wuxi TV maintenance, and Wuxi washing machine maintenance, and Wuxi refrigerator maintenance, and Wuxi air conditioning moved machine, and Wuxi water heater maintenance, and Wuxi gas maintenance, and Wuxi fume machine maintenance, I company service of content including TV maintenance, and refrigerator maintenance, and air conditioning maintenance, and water heater maintenance, service.
company maintenance of reliable quality, with high quality technology and quality services best meet your requirements. I uphold the Center "with minimal cost, fastest speed and reliable technology, providing the best quality service" purposes, to provide customers with the best service. We let you do comfort, rest assured that peace of mind.
Wuxi home appliance repair center has state of the art equipment and professional technicians, the strength, experience, and can provide on-site repair, inspection on the spot, the spot price, fixed on the spot.