Maintenance projects

Refrigerator ice barrier maintenance solutions

First, the reasons for ice jam:
1, pressure test leak, water vapor in the air condensed into water, into the ice jam caused by pipeline.
2, evaporator damaged, long-term power and will freeze (hidden) in the room of water molecules, and together with water vapor molecules in the air into the compressor (to create negative pressure in the boot, atmospheric pressure in the water molecules of moist air into the machine).
3 and pipe open failed to seal, and was not repaired in a timely manner. The long-term use of frost and occasionally open the boot, moisture in the air from the tube within the estuary into the machine. There are unsealed and long-term placement of the compressor without the drying process, changes to the ice using, it will cause the ice blockage and fouling.
4, refrigerant water too much filling causing ice block.
5, aging dry filter failure, lost the dry suction function. These especially in article 5 1, 22, was the most prominent.
Second, the ice blockage prevention:
pressure leak test, can do to eliminate air intake part of the water, keep the water out, is the key to prevent ice blockage, refrigerator ice block effective methods of governance are described below for your reference.
1. In preparing its systems before vacuuming, the original dry filter replacement, this will help to absorb part of the circulatory system in the original water.
2. When air, with medical forceps (medical equipment store on sale) to vacuum pump end of hose (usually rubber tube) after clamp removing the tube, so as not to reuse this hose to refrigerant liquid storage container air into.
3. Before filling the refrigerant and the refrigerant container exports and a dry filter, to filter out impurities and moisture in the refrigerant, note each time you add fluoride torch before the heated filter, desiccant adsorption of moisture inside out (because the dryer can be reused each time you will absorb the refrigerant used in the water and moisture in the air).
4. After an initial vacuum, can inject a small amount of refrigerant to the system and then a second vacuum, after injecting refrigerants. Air in the system can be further reduced, which further reduced the water content.

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