Maintenance projects

Correct use of ice maker brief

Ice maker should be installed away from heat sources and no direct sunlight, well-ventilated place, the ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to prevent poor environment temperature is too high cause the condenser cooling, affecting the ice effect. Install ice maker 1, smooth surfaces must be structurally sound, ice machine must be kept level, otherwise it will lead not to the ice and running noise.
2, ice-making machines back and left side clearance of not less than 30cm, and tip clearance of not less than 60cm.
3, ice machine should use independent power supply, green powered and equipped with fuses and earth leakage protection switch, and reliable grounding.
4, ice maker water must conform to the national standards for drinking water, and install water filter, filter impurities in the water to prevent blockage of water pollution sinks and ice model. And impact on ice performance.
5, cleaning should be off when the ice machine, do not rinse with water directly at the fuselage, use neutral detergent to scrub, non-cleaned with acid and alkali corrosive solvent.
6, ice machine must be two-month swing open the water inlet hose, clean the fill valve strainer, avoid sand/mud water impurities clogging the intake, and water into smaller, resulting in not making ice.
7, ice dispenser must be cleaned every two months the condenser surface dust, poor cooling cooling will cause compressor part is damaged. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner dust, small brushes to clean the condenser surface oil, you cannot use sharp metal tools to clean, so as not to damage the condenser.
8, ice machine water pipes, sinks, refrigerators and storage protection films cleaning once every two months.
9, ice dispenser when not in use, it should be cleaned, and blow dry ice mold and moisture in the tank, put it in non-corrosive gases and dry ventilated place, avoid open air. BACK PAGE