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Snowflake ice maker temperature sensor and temperature control principle

Snowflake ice maker temperature sensor has three, respectively in the stirring ice body, condenser, ice bucket.
stirred ice institutions Shang of temperature sensor is used to feel temperature whether than lower, even is drive institutions resistance too big, that is Dang temperature than lower Shi, flow blocked, stirred ice institutions need of torque variable big, motor entered current surged, then need rushed ice, open electromagnetic valve, let compressor of cold media directly into stirred ice institutions, and not after condensation device Hou again into stirred ice institutions, such of some column work of completed is by temperature sensor to detection and control system for of.
in condensation device Shang of temperature sensor is such work of, dang condensation device Shang of temperature high Shi, fan motor produced of cooling effect too late cooling, then temperature sensor feel to of temperature high, through A/D conversion, put simulation signal conversion into digital signal, through program for judge, issued instruction, control compressor motor of following electrical whether made corresponding, eventually control with compressor of work State.
ice barrels Shang of temperature sensor of role is control with ice whether reached must of height, dang ice reached must of height Hou, sense temperature sensor feel to, temperature than lower Shi, General set of temperature for 7 degrees, is through A/D module for module conversion, through program judge, made corresponding of instruction, instruction issued, control with whole system of pass broken judge, eventually control with system of run or not. BACK PAGE