Maintenance projects

How solar water heater maintenance

Scale of solar energy on a regular basis, to prevent the pipe from block and cleaning the tank, keep the water clean. Sewage, as long as the drive water under normal conditions, open sewage valve, sewage valve out of the water on the line.
removing solar vacuum collector tube dust dirt on a regular basis, keep the vacuum tube surface clean to ensure high transmission rate.
check the vacuum tube for damage and if damaged should be replaced.
to always check the vacuum tube vacuum or in the glass tube is broken when barium titanium--black getter vacuum tubes, which indicates that the vacuum has decreased, need to replace the tube.
outside of cleaning vacuum tube, solar water heaters, and should also clean the reflector.
check valve ball valve solenoid valve connection hose for leaks, if any should be repaired in a timely manner.
to prevent drying. Sun solar water tank and a vacuum tube is empty and will result in increase in temperature inside the damaged coating makes Cabinet insulation layer phenomena such as deformation of the glass to break.
installed auxiliary heat source from a hot water system, you should regularly check the auxiliary heat source device and heat exchanger is working properly or not. For auxiliary heat source was pipe heating, before using to ensure that electric leakage protection is credible and cannot be used. For heat pump-solar heating system, you should also check the compressor and the fan is working properly, no matter which part of the problem is timely troubleshooting.
low winter temperatures, solar should be emptying the tank of water Frost control system of forced circulation system is installed, you can simply start the antifreeze system, not emptying water within the system. BACK PAGE