Maintenance projects

Air conditioning control system maintenance case

Air conditioning electrical control system case:
case, SCR, indoor unit noise
symptoms: after shutdown, indoor fan turns slowly, assassination when turn the ear noise.
case, indoor air machine keep and does not power on fan runs
symptoms: after shutdown, indoor fan keeps, not boot fan running.
case three, remote control receiver symptom: remote control does not turn
case four
, temperature sensor fault symptom: poor air conditioning heating effect, wind speed has always been very low.
cases, air conditioning is not cooling, communication fault
symptoms: indoor unit "run" light (the rest of the lights), internal and external drive does not work
case six, outside signal interference
symptoms: when law automatically shut down, and accompanied by abnormal continuous buzzer sounds.
case seven, and power phase sequence protection
fault phenomenon: boot Shi "timing" lamp and "run" lamp while Flash, system downtime
case eight, and FS, and DS control panel press failure
fault phenomenon: Control Panel press failure, remote control can operation
case nine, and compressor low voltage not up moving
fault phenomenon: boot outside machine compressor not started
case ten, and compressor capacitor, and wind machine capacitor
fault phenomenon: refrigeration Shi, Compressor starts, air switch tripping. Case 11, outside unit fan capacitor
symptoms: stopping frequently, bad
/> case 12, transformer failure phenomenon: power not reflected
case 13, AC contactor
symptoms: not heating
case 14, power wiring
symptoms: not cooling BACK PAGE