Maintenance projects

Automatic washing machine leakage

Automatic washing machine drain connection is the most common water leakage fault, clutch seal failure, drain valve and barrel caused by a bad connection.
drainage pipe fixed to the box, connected with the drain valve outlet at the other end, in the process of washing, dewatering, was pulled for a long time, and when changing the direction of water, its corrugated parts in a distorted State, prone to rupture, leaking water spillage on the motor or clutch, it will cause more serious fault. If damaged, remove the fixing screws on the box, loosen the connection clamp with a drainage valve, remove the old parts. Walls coated with adhesive in the new part will connect after you clean glue residue, put back in place and clamp clamp.
clutch seal leaking is a hassle. Because of its shell on the clutch is used in the factory the machine people, so that when we can buy the same parts replaceable upper shell (including ring). BACK PAGE