Maintenance projects

Refrigerator lights do not light up?

A working refrigerator, the sudden appearance of light does not shine, the compressor stops, the reason may be the thermostat stops the compressor from running, but poor lighting could be corrupted or contacting. Should check whether the filament burning out, lamp contact is good and the light switch is faulty, and take the appropriate measures.
the second situation may be the power supply plug is loose or were dropped by other objects, causing a sudden power loss, as long as the plug secure. May also be due to indoor lights suddenly, just check for electric indoor lighting can be confirmed.
If no other fault, the compressor should start immediately, opened the door, the lights are on in the Cabinet. If after you plug in the power, new fuse fuse and the circuit system is malfunctioning, you should check whether there is a short circuit in line, and starts thermal protection relays, relays, thermostats, motor and compressor check, troubleshooting.

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